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Captain Beyond

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Date de parution : 19/08/1997

Durée : 0:01:48

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What was my arm worth
When they took it away ?
In the spirited rush that set up
Armistice day.

Where did they push them, fella ?
Where and which way ?
Did it stop the mad charge that
The enemy made ?

Or is it with my brother,
Is it with my brother
In a mean, endless grave ?

Tell me...
Tell me...
Where do i go to find it ?.

What had my arm gained
In the balance of things ?
Are there still birds a-flying
In a brushing of wings ?

Or do they still see the skies,
Still see the skies as a terrible thing ?
And spoiling all them singing, babe
And smashing up their wings ?

Wish i could go with them, brother,
Brother of all things.
It's only a stub of the original thing.
And it was there when i signed up,
And i saluted my king !

Where, tell me,
Where do i go to find it. ?

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