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Drivin N Cryin

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I'm travelin' hard to get back home
It's a long way from where i'm goin'
You took my word and pounded away
Wrote it in the sand that you felt the same

For i'm singin' a song of nineteen men
Twelve men in robes that you gotta defend
Singin' a song of nineteen friends
You took me around the block again

It's a long way from piccadilly
Punk rockers sellin' their faces for the tv
But what i took i gave a away
You might need it again some day


Old mister christian are you listenin'?
You wrote in your red book
You're waiting for the memories
Who's that standin' next to my wife?
Here we go again into the night
You took my love and you found a way
Can i make it just one more day


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