Paroles de Arrival of the trio / are you ready to begin

Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Are you ready to begin?
Are you ready to get on?
You're about to start out
On the journey of your life
Is this some kind of joke?
Nah, it's a publicity stunt for that freak show on coney
It's a front-page feature is what it is
You gettin' this, (incomprehensible)?
If you're ready then get in
Once you're in then we'll get gone
And who knows once it goes
Where you'll be when it arrives?
This is outrageous
It's amazing
I'm telling you that mr. y's an absolute genius
It's a fun-house where the mirrors all reflect what's real
And reality's as twisted as the mirrors reveal
And the fun is finding out what the mirrors show
This is unacceptable, do you hear me?
I will be taking this up with your employer
Whoever he is
Everything and everyone, it's so just how i dreamed
All the freaks and all the fun exactly how i dreamed
And phantasma still awaits
Wonder what's behind its gates
That was somethin', wasn't it?
Nah, i was hopin' she'd sing
Caruso sang half of pagliacci for us
When he got off the boat
Eh, i bet she ain't got it no more, not like the old days
Oh sure, she's pitch-perfect, but empty inside
Like the plane without a (incomprehensible)
(look, it's the rockefellers')

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