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Date de parution : 12/08/1994

Durée : 0:06:07

Style : Rock

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I could not take it, oh, so seriously, really
When you called and said you'd seen a ufo
But then it dawned on me the message in writing
Spelt out a meeting never dreamed of before

I looked out in the night
Strange and startling
Was this voice of time just saying

There's got to be a linking of everyone
Got to be a center
It all comes flooding back

Arriving through eons of times
Immortal power of the future to behold
Vessels of a different impression
None that we could ever hope to have known

So look out in the night
Once they arrive
On that perennial light

Impress a bolder empire of energy
In the ships we see
The coming of outer space

You say there's no reason to conjure
With the force as it has been known to be seen
You say i'm a fool, a believer
Put your feet on the earth, it is green

But look out in the night
Wait for they arrive
To start such sciences anew

Here it is the coming of outer space
Such a pure delight
The coming of outer space

Look out, look out
Look out, look out
Look out, look out
Look out

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