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Date de parution : 27/06/2005

Durée : 0:09:47

Style : Rock

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Stub towers in the distance
Riders cross the blasted moor against the horizon
Fickle promises of treaty
Fatal harbingers of war, futile orisons

Swirl as one in this flight, this mad chase
This surge across the marshy mud landscape
Until the meaning is forgotten

Hood masks the eager face
Skin stretched and sallow
Headlong into the chilling night
As swift as any arrow

Feet against the flagstones
Fingers scrabbling at the lock, craving protection
Sanctuary croaks a voice
Half-strangled by the shock of its rejection

Shot the bolt in the wall, rusted the key
Now the echoes of all frightful memory
Intrude in the silence

What a crawl against the slope
Dark loom the gallows
One touch to the chapel door
How swiftly comes the arrow

Compassion you plead, as though they kept it in a box
Well, that's long since been empty
I'd like to help you somehow but i'm in the self-same spot
My condition exempts me

We are all on the run on our knees
The sundial draws a line upon eternity
Across every number

How long the time seems
How dark the shadow
How straight the eagle flies
How straight towards his arrow

How long the night is
Why is this passage so narrow?
How strange my body feels
Impaled upon the arrow

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