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The Loved Ones

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Date de parution : 21/02/2006

Durée : 0:02:58

Style : Alternative

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Guess it'll pass here in my bed
I set a ticking time bomb in my head
I set it off to punish my transgressions
As the poison makes its way
I'm watching as my hands begin to shake
And now it's just regrets and every second guess
Never thought we'd end up here that night when you said

"the car's out back let's see this through
They told me they had all this proof
I know what i done is wrong
I sealed your fate and told the truth
Now the gallows hand for you

They'll find me here in a couple of days
I wonder what your wife and kids would say
"he damn sure had it coming"
They'll say i did it 'cause of shame
'cause i went and damned you to be safe
They'll say "it's just as well i hope he burns in hell
And guilt dealt him a hand that forced his fate just the same"

I sealed your fate and told the truth
They told me they had all this proof
They said they'd found the rusted spade
And matched the footprints to your shoes
Now the gallows hang for you

This turned out to be my fatal mistake
And i'll take it to my grave
Say a prayer my soul's at the stake
And there's not much left to save

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