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Claude Kelly

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Verse 1:
Like a shot of novocaine, in my blood
When i'm around you i get numb
So baby pardon me if i get a little rough
But i'm addicted gotta have some, yeah

Of your love
So baby come
Over to my place girl tonight
And whatever
You say that you want
I'm gonna give it to you cause i'm a master in

The art of making love
Let me be your professor
Girl let me teach you
The art of making love
Let this be your first lesson
Just watch what i do, and i'll show you
How to make love, like you ain't done before
I oughta know, baby trust me
I'm a professional, at the art of making love

Verse 2:
Girl don't you be afraid, speak up
It turns me on to know i'm pleasing you
Feel free to say my name, when you want
Wanna make sure that i make good use, yeah



I'ma have you going
Ooo ooh ooh ooh ooh, art of making love (x4)


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