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Date de parution : 26/09/2014

Durée : 0:03:41

Style : R&B/Soul

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(ti:art official cage)
(al:art official age)
(00:03.00)welcome home class
(00:09.30)u've come a long way
(00:11.00)(u've come a long way and heaven knows)
(00:18.00)mine damer og herrer
(00:18.00)translation: "ladies and gentlemen"
(00:21.00)konger og dronninger og alt der imellem
(00:21.00)translation: "kings and queens and everything in between"
(00:25.00)velkommen til timen
(00:25.00)translation: "welcome to class"
(00:27.00)vi er ved at gøre noget, der vil forandre dit liv for evigt
(00:27.00)translation: "we are about 2 do something that will change ur life 4ever"
(00:44.00)Åbn dette bur!
(00:44.00)translation: "open this cage!"
(00:48.00)come on, let's go
(00:51.00)free the people, come on, let's go
(00:55.00)free the people (x2)
(01:00.00)i woke up in the city in a bit of a rage
(01:03.30)determined 2 free my mind from this art official cage
(01:07.30)got my, got my future stock from an early age
(01:11.30)a place in heaven far off in the future
(01:18.00)come on, let's go
(01:21.00)free the people, come on, let's go
(01:23.30)art official, art official cage
(01:30.00)ghettos 2 the left of me, malls 2 the right
(01:33.30)why's my kingdom come only in prayers at night?
(01:37.00)what should i expect if i'm not willing 2 fight?
(01:41.00)a place in heaven somewhere in the future
(01:53.00)art official, art official
(01:57.00)art official cage
(02:00.00)louder than a bomb since the day of my birth
(02:03.00)got me 2nd class when i got here 1st
(02:07.00)lovely score but how am i supposed 2 know what it's worth
(02:11.00)art official age in the future
(02:14.00)free the people, come on, let's go
(02:16.00)startin' from the top, gettin' higher so
(02:18.00)never goin' back underwater, no
(02:20.00)brand new boogie without the hero
(02:22.00)as sure minneapolis get this snow
(02:24.00)i'm goin' up lady liberty's dress and blow, blow, blow

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