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(the stygian battery is primed to extinguish...)
Artillery contrived through the pulse of the spirits
Claimed within the umbral webs
The coffin shells creep slowly across the battlefields
Bearing the noxious ammunition of incorporeal dead.

The art of virulent ballistics - the unseen hunger of dread phantoms
Eternal nightmares of the unfulfilled now fired in salvos as one.
Repurposed for siege and extinction - apparitions in untold supplies.
They echo the death of centuries as they disperse and bring your demise.

We harvest the wretched wastes of infinite despair
The endless winds of the gray, dismal fields
The eidolons that wander in blind, quivering masses
Ensnared in recruitment to fuel the munitions we wield.

(repeat chorus)

Destruction shall fall upon organic life
To feed the hunger of ravenous, spectral husks
The ordnance pervades through all resistance
Carrion cannons bring lethal release from existence.

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