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Fire & Flesh

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Date de parution : 11/03/2014

Durée : 0:03:18

Style : Heavy Metal

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They're to blind to see what's eating them alive
So they suffer, suffer from delusions that put illusions in their minds
Like melted wax that stains this sacred ground we stand on...

But we will stand
For our strength is beyond our numbers
Bound by the spectrum of our vision
A distant light shows a glimpse of our destined future
Forever gold!
Forever gold!

Approaching ground faster than a blink of an eye!
Facing the midnight sky

Brace yourself for the fall
Extend your faith like never before
This is the day you learn what it is to encounter yourself
In the path of the wind

Did you prepare yourself for tragedy?
Did you prepare yourself for the poisoning?
Did you prepare to lose your humanity?
Did you prepare yourself for this...?

So here we are
A tiny speck in this massive sea
To which we are vastly outnumbered
As far as these eyes can see....
Blasphemy, tyranny!
To blind to see the brutality...

See how they dwindle
When the mask they wear reveals a face
It makes me sick...

Bury them!
Bury them!

Never bow down
Into ashes they will turn
Returned to sacred ground, sacred ground on which we stand!
Take a breath of air
Feel the glory, embrace the moment
Eyes set on the horizon, forever!
Turning our backs on the world!!

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