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(first verse)
Just laid my eyes on the baddest girl i ever seen
Let me rephrase that, all you wanna a woman to be
From ha prasauna lil momma just had me goin bunkers.
Beauty had me astonished, to meet her would be a honor
I know i wanna ha but she was strolling round wit ha father,
Didn't wanna bother but she was to good not to follow.
Wanna respectfully approach she more than a holla,
I can see ha given me ha number and then saying call ha.
But this first step just can't get it off my chest,
Usually the best wit the ladies but she more of a threat.
Could see us together and i aint even meet ha yet, neva believed in love at first sight, ? yes
Man she got me all infactuted fasinated by why am i taken
All this time and waiting being patient and faking
But don't wanna come off blainted so imma just face it because i can no longer take it...

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