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It's the new style!
Let me clear my throat!
Kick it over here!
Feel the beat!
Umm drop!

Well as i rock-n-roll and sell yo' soul
No sell out but still sold out a funky drama
I'll roll out and must hold out
Until 1999 when my people expire
The you'll die from reel life like fire
The unholy witch and his bag of tricks
Step aside from the flex or catch the hex
Too complex so check the index
Of your bible let me prepare ya for my title
The u-n-holy, like ya told me
Brothas under estimated and don't know me
This is a prophecy that's bound to come true
What's mine, is in your mind, out ya mind, ya mind blew
Some on their knees prayin' to stop these
Poisonous lyrics of death and disease
Can't freeze, i think below but still flow
Suckas are scared, i'm gettin' paid off the devil
I'ma use it, kinda confuse it
Never abuse it, 'cause it's that music
It's that head bangin' acid rap
Unholy's back to bust yo' ear drum with the wicket track
I take the tack, to break the back to back the fact
I rock the house whether white or black
So if i sold the soul to rock the gold
And jam the jam with a mic in my hand, you're like damn
There that brotha go enough to smother another
And make 'em suffer it gets no rougher
Than the acid rap, i'll never pass it or gas it
All i ask is that you play it as a flow
To a rhythm that makes 'em break out into a sweat
I'm solid like saddam hussein, i gotta check

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