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Michael Mcfarland

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I wake up in an empty room
2:15 in the afternoon
Tangled sheets are my cocoon, but im no butterfly
Maybe im a gypsy moth
A wandering soul in somber cloth
If i had wings would i fly off or just stare at the sky

Welcome the day you turned and walked away
Welcome all the memories in and welcome their decay
Welcome the night, the sun recedes from sight
Welcome stars to light my way as i take flight

I was drawn into your glow
A caterpillar in the snow
And so naive how could i know the spiders lullaby
Silken threads can comfort weave
In gossamer security
Or spin a web to tight to leave, a cage too strong to fly

Was i deceived when i believed
Chip on your shoulder heart on my sleeve
I couldnt breathe, i couldnt breathe
When it was over wouldnt you leave

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