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Saint Avarice

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Let's watch them fall,
Thousands to the ground,
They came from the sky,
Why do they dive?
Our arrows of sin,
Piercing into their eyes,
Bringing them closer to their demise,
There's nothing that you need to see,
Only the disease you breed,
There's no place for us to hide,
Those spirits now crash from the sky,
What are decisions carved in stone?
Words that we hide behind in fear,
Align the stars 'til they grow old,
A moon less night now disappears,
There's nothing left to say,
This war will surely pave the way,
Another place to rest,
A chapter that's never been read,
What if this was fate,
To hell with all of it,
What if this was life,
To hell with all of us,
Too much to take in,
We are to blame,
Too much to ignite,
We are to blame.

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