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Dry Kill Logic

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Date de parution : 05/10/2004

Durée : 0:03:37

Style : Alternative

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Now has come the time/
Indifference born because of lies/
Now no matter what you find/
This is the end of all the lines/
And when its taken all away/
What will you do or will you say/
Rebuild again-focus/ in your
That can erase all the pain

Chorus: so you can start to
What you feel is it joy or sorrow?
Life do you lead or follow?/
/ taking pleasure in others pain/
And though i want to hide/
As it's calling out your name/
As the pressure burns from the inside/
When it finds a way/
And though i want to hide/ when it finds a way/
As the pressure burns from the inside

You'll find when all is said and done/

Will you have lost or have you won?
/ and did you fight or did you run?/ now

And go before my eyes/
Now as the dreams come
I see the strength and weight
The truth shall remain with
Overwhelming force/ the same as it ever was
Of resolve/ for all the lying

And though i want to hide/
The pressure burns from the inside x2when it finds a way/ as

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