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(inspired by pure human hate. dedicated to all of his hunters.)
As dark's light being faded
And my black turns into day
My thoughts return into the grave
Of my mind's darkest shade
As a slave i've never prayed
To the so called "god" of light
I've never seen a soul to be saved
I won't beg him as i die
As i kill the worm upon the ground
As it eats your ruins underground
Your god shall i eat, bit and kill
His warm blood as it comes, my throat to sink
Pray, pray...
My hatred drawned as my sword slashes
The flesh, giving birth to pain, the end of
The beginning, the end of life's pride
Of love in hate
Seek, sink deep and deeper, i drink it
The blood, it flows, lies on my mighty face
Harmonies in dust, brainstorm of fearless
It's mine... thy head...
Son of fire, i was born in hate, in misery
I'm the grand one, the rapist, unholy
Doomed to ride as the moon sings...
The song of glory in my sword, in my soul

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