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Yeah it's lj nigga,
I'ma kill all these animals that are right here in the zoo,
I'ma live them high, ha ha ha ha ha,
3 kg overdose nigga,
Of course you don't know what i'm fucking talking about?
Now shut up and listen,
Ah yeah,here we go.

Ohk, i'm smoking in the zoo,
These animals angry course i ain't sharing,
3 kg overdose with my nigga pk,
You can't find evidence physical but you can find it spiritual,
We be the talk of msc,
These niggas roll it down,
I'ma push 'em aside,
Pk told me rap game got it's own bad bitches,
No love, no memory to remember all these bitches,
Tell these niggas,
I'm from planet lj wc.
I know the hustle,
I was born in this game,
Till they sweat,
I'ma live them whipping their faces,
Tattoo like mechanics nigga i don't need that.
I just spit fire and you all feel my summer,
I tell you go to the beach she go make you feel good
Nigga we eat every day be the first lady,
I'ma push it till i reach my it,
These niggas thought i couldn't do it,
But now i'm fucken feeding them,
You selling and i'm spitting,
You drinking and i'm smoking,
What's the different?
Is that i'm fucking while you playing,
Nigga i'm no competitor,
You try me you go regret it,
S.i.n that's where i come from,
No need to break the abbreviation for them niggas,
Ashes and lj be overdosing till they see the ark of noah,
Nigga don't talk about something that you don't know of.
It's time to send a shout to my nigga ma7,
We in here,
Triple m be the spirit never break the code,
Leave these shaking,
I'm fucken burying my haters till they turn to ashes then i'm fucken smoking with them.
Don't confuse me with the nigga that you know,
Of course you don't see me nigga.
I don't exist in your world
Let me leave these niggas course they sweating now
I'm fucken faded nigga now talk. yeah

Ljundisputed-------ashes and ljundisputed

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