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The Fire Tonight

pochette album Ashes
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Date de parution : 24/12/2008

Durée : 0:04:32

Style : Rock

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She is not the one you love but she seems to be in control
She is replaced without hesitation another shovelfull
The constant stream is too much, too much to handle

It doesn't change
It doesn't ever go away
This deadly sickness that cannot be tamed
Factory of shame

Burned into your mind from the first time that you saw it
You cannot outrun the images that haunt you when you close your eyes
So you lie to yourself when you feel like someone else
As you ignore what your heart says as you fall down the wrong rabbit hole


So you take off your childhood and past sins
And put on your best suit and ashes
For the innocence lost, to remember the cost
Of raping your mind
Oh what a price we paid


Oh what a price we pay

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