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Ahh, very fine chineese rock n' roll

I'm sick of people telling me
That dog shouldn't be eaten as a delicacy.
Yo, it tastes good
Like a sandwich meat
And heck i like it
And it's low in calories
You eat cow and i eat dog
One moos one barks but both are animals
What can i say i have a rat for a pet.
Can i help it if i like the taste of mans best friend
Look at me man i am invincible
I'm back from the past
And i am the principal.
I can't die
I'm like a piece of pie
I see the bowl of rice
And i eat the fly
Elvis is dead
I'm still alive
If you're wonderin who is me
I am bruce lee
I jump tall buildings
And i chop you suey
Stick your tongue at me
And i just say fuey.
I worship the buddha yeah
That fat gold man it's concept religion
Something you don't understand
Searching for enlightnement
I gotta pay the rent
What can i do they call me
Asian man

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