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Strung Out

pochette album Asking for the world
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Date de parution : 05/05/1998

Durée : 0:02:25

Style : Alternative

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I'm not asking for that much
I only want the truth
When you tell me how you feel
I'm not gonna play the games
That make you feel like shit
I'm not asking for the world

How many times must we tell each other lies
And separate our lives
I wonder what went wrong
I'm not askin' for that much
Just open honesty
I'm not askin' for the world

When were young it's only fun it's just the chances that you take
Now we're grown up and we're fucked up and we make the same mistakes
We keep repeating the same beating like it's not a choice to make
And then we're lying and denying what we won't refuse to change

I feel like i've been through so much shit
So many dysfunctional relationships
That i don't know
What to feel anymore
I'm not asking for that much
Just be real with me
I'm not asking for the world

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