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Nasty Savage

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Date de parution : 24/05/1994

Durée : 0:05:14

Style : Rock

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He was born from the angels
Seed of the daughter of man
Who traveled to heaven
To take in discussions
To overthrow king solomon
Storm spirit
You fill men's hearts with anger

King of the demons
Rides the dragon
Yes! he has three heads
Provoker of rage
The violent way
You changed my love to madness

The magic ring
It was the kings
You took it
To the bottom of the sea
Vanished the king
Sent him to exile


He was born for the angels
Seed of the daughter of man
He reigned in terror
Have no freedom
Fiend of a waging spear
Provoker of rage
Violent ways
When will this all end

Take it like a man
The king found his ring
Lost was the power
The demon of rage
Was now in a cage
Never to be free


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