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Diabolical Masquerade

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Date de parution : 15/10/2007

Durée : 0:04:09

Style : Rock

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In dreams and visions i saw the beast rise again
In chasms and voids of doom the circle of pandemonium
I stole the sacred nimbus of the kingly dead
Glittering treasures will haunt me forever now

The thirteen words of spell i breathe
Witchcraft and sorcery
I've forseen all the fallen stars
Wizardry and destiny
Sleeping in the eyes of earth
Sending dwarfs back to birth
Sleeping entities of stone
Down the dragoncaves i'll roam

Demonized - exorcized - decapitated - resurrected

(voice:) "...the kingly dead will haunt you forever now
Glittering treasures are not to steal...they are sacred..."

In past ages of war and conquer
Battling for my immortal desire
By the stab from a sword of steel
I was shaped to a spirit of zaal

Hail - the ravenlord
Hail - the only one

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