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I still remember when we first met
When you looked into my eyes
And all told me that you loved me.
But now i despise all those lies.
Dieing with a broken heart.

I loved you for your kindness.
But, you left me for her looks.
We had fallen in love, or so i thought.
But when you left,
I didn't shed my tears.not for you.
Not for you.

They told me you weren't worth my time
I told them we were in love.
You whispered in my ear, "you are the only one."
But i guess, to you, i'm not.

Every night i would think of you
Cause' i knew i'd got it right.
I had finally found my one true love
But now i'm not so sure.
If it's you

I feel like a fool
Not to listen to my friends
After they'd told me again and again.
I was stupid to fall for you!
To fall for you!

I'd been crazy, not to see.
You'd be happier, without me!

When we first met all it took was a smile,
To make my day light up.
And fill the sky with rainbow colors.
My heart was about to burst.
When i was with you!
When i was with you!

Cause' i loved you with all my heart.
But did you ever love me back?
I'm no longer searching for the answer.
Cause its over!!!!
And now i'm sure; it's not you.

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