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Where am i? help me!
I can't take the screams anymore!
Stop the voices in my head, help me!
No more pain.
Leave me alone - i am in bliss...

Willst, feiner knabe, du mit mir gehn?
Meine töchter sollen dich warten schön;
Meine töchter führen den nächtlichen reihn,
Und wiegen und tanzen un singen dich ein!"**

Witch doctor is here!
Wretched and locked,
All here are privy to the skinner box.

To say what they say, to do as they do;
Rooms are hard, potions new.

With fear of beyond, without and within;
Confinement cold, potions thin.

There is no treat, this poison pill:
A midnight trick to dissect the will

Committed to horrors,
The hum of machines pierce the soul
The banshee screams!

(that's the one to make my own
I'll force my way to flesh and bone!)

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