Paroles de At dawn

Sarah Fimm

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Date de parution : 15/06/2001

Durée : 0:06:22

Style : Electronic

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Random little things keep taunting me
The rose left on my pillow after you leave
Favorites turn to monsters as the seasons turn around
And i had no idea i could feel so upside down
And even now my mirror stands alone
She nestles closely now up to the sun
These visions do no good when they are badly drawn
So when this night is over i will leave at dawn
And my story tells itself, i stand in front of you
My belly lies exposed for you to chew
Oh, and thunder came in hope to kiss the storm
Charming as he was i still said no
Cause i have nothing but my fists to fight you with
This skin is so much tougher than the bone
I'm trying hard to sing to the fibers of a man
Who couldn't see two people holding hands
But night has come to pass
And what i've felt has gone
So when this night is over i will leave at dawn
Every cent of suffering i offer now to pay
If there is mercy, mercy come and find me
Something lovely come alive and find me
Cause if you don't i might just have to find myself
Random little things were taunting me
But now i've got this precious gift from tragedy
A promise is a promise and i've made one
The horizon's moving toward me
I can see the sun
I can see the sun

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