Paroles de At my window

Townes Van Zandt

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Date de parution : 27/11/1992

Durée : 0:04:09

Style : Honky Tonk

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At my window
Watchin' the sun go
Hopin' the stars know
It's time to shine

Aloft on dark wings
Soft as the sun streams
At days decline

Livin' is sighin'
Dyin' says nothing at all
Babe and i lyin' here
Watchin' the evenin' fall

Time flows
Through brave beginnings
And she leaves her endings
Beneath our feet

Walk lightly
Upon their faces
Leave gentle traces
Upon their sleep

Livin' is dancin'
Dyin's doin' nothin' at all
Babe and i lyin' here
Watchin' the evening fall

Three dimes
Hard luck and good times
Bad rhymes and fine lines
Not much to say

Feel fine
Feel low and lazy
Feel gray and hazy
Feel far away

Livin' ain't lyin'
Dyin' ain't flyin' so high
Babe and i wonderin'
Watchin' the day go by

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