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They Dwell Beneath The Temples

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Mercantile war
Method of old conquest
Next one hundred score
Despots of modern progress
Barreled over by a takeover technique
Into universal conflict
Trampling over provisional plead
Education preparing to power it
The weapons in our hands
Limitless ambition
Burning from either side
A merciless vengeance
Suppression of mind exercise
Gap the rulers and the ruled
Le programme credit card heist
Conductors and game theory tools
The name of the game
Diminish capital sentiment
Another fee for the next man
Works toward the detriment
We thought our heavy hearts were so secret
Turns out what was meant was discontent
What if the real road to win
Had a view from the outside looking in
By every rock upon which my head will rest
Peace of mind held tight gripped to my chest
For the sake of which it is key to this quest
We must do our best to get out of this mess

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