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Oh the way theyll never know
A wife is left with a child ill never hold
I fear my end will be

One of the many tales untold

The sky is dark no stars in sight
There is no way to guide us
Through this night

A thousand miles from the coast
Dead reckoning weve lost all hope
As the waves crash over on the bow

I listen as the wind begins to howl

I hear the sirens singing out
A luring sound with no one in sight
They are

Too close to my ear tonight

This is my last mayday call
This shining ocean tells it all
A reflection of what i will be

In the water

Half the deck has gone under
Every possession i have is thrown
As i begin to pray

But not for this day

The ship is lost its going down
The crew has gone no ones around
What else can i do

I grab the wheel and think of you

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