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David Crosby

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At the edge (4:21)
Words: david crosby
Music: cpr

Our grasp is so fragile the thread is so thin
I wonder each day if i'm blowing away
I know that i'm lucky
I wouldn't be here at all if somebody's hand
Hadn't been where i stand
At the edge of a very great fall

And like a lighthouse before you at the edge of the sea
The woman whose grip holds when you slip
But the darkness won't get you
Your family won't go
They will make your heart light
To where you know what is right
And you go where you know you should go

And it's life and it's dying
It's beginnings and end
It's what did you do
With the life they gave you?
It's were you the honest, and
Did you make amends
To all the ones under your guns
How have you treated your friends

David crosby: lead vocal
Jeff pevar: vocals, fretless bass, acoustic and electric guitars
James raymond: vocals, piano
Steve distanislao: drums
Luis conte: percussion

1998 stay straight music (bmi), peeved music (bmi), proudfoot music (ascap)

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