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Incredible String Band

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Waiting for the queen to come, waiting for her to show up
While out on the rocks all the ships
Were sinking we laughed as the dance began
Oh, how we danced at the lighthouse dance

Stepped outside took a look, shook the sweat felt madly sad
I was dreaming of angels, i saw the ships sinking
But one pulled in, i asked the sea captain tell me where you've been
He turned his gaze into the days and he showed me this movie

Oh, do you dance, you serenader?
Oh, do you die, you masquerader?
Oh, do you land, you space invader?

I could see the dance through the cracked window pane
Alice smiled at me i felt quite lame
The dance group played i can't recall their name
They played quite well but all their numbers sounded the same

Oh, how we danced at the lighthouse dance
We danced, i grooved, i sighed, i cried

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