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Date de parution : 01/01/2005

Durée : 0:04:

Style : Heavy Metal

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In the beginnnig the earth was shapeless desert and darkness covered the abyss
In the beginning instict prevailed men and animals disobeyed the law
I lnow the fear
Cain was his name he lifted the hand against his brother and against the human race
Cain was his name the blood gushed out the law was denied and evil rose up
I know the fear at the roots of evil i see the light
I know the pain at the roots of evil i see the way
They thought to know the time of day but emperors
And preachers have not been able
To stop the evil power because his nature was stronger
Under the supremacy of the flash everybody had to be attacked
Only who really knows very well his nature can control
The power otherwise you're dominated
This is oblivious of our destiny trapped in a timeless void
Only who really...
Sic ergo vero est aliquid quo maius cogitari non potest
Ut nec cogitari possit non esse hoc es tu: mater of all evil
In the beginnig instict prevailed

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