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Barbra Streisand

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Think of all the hearts beating
In the world at the same time
Think of all the faces and the stories
They could tell at the same time

Think of all the eyes looking out into this world
Trying to make some sense of what we see
Think of all the ways we have of seeing
Think of all the ways there are of being

Think of all the children being born
Into this world at the same time
Feel your love surround them through the years
They'll need to grow at the same time

Just think of all the hands that will be reaching for a dream
Think of all the dreams that could come true
Yes, if the hands we're reaching with
Could come together joining me and you

When it comes to thinking of tomorrow
We must protect our fragile destiny
In this precious life there's no time to borrow
The time has come to be a family, oh

Think of all the love pouring from
Our hearts at the same time
Yes, think of all the light our looks can shine and grow
This world at the same time, at the same time

Yes, think what we've been giving
And yet think what we could lose
All of life is in our trembling hands
It's time to overcome our fears
And join to build a world that loves and understands

It helps to think of all the hearts, beating in the world
And hope for all the hearts, healing in the world
There's a healing music in our hearts
Beating in this world at the same time
At the same time

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