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Kind Of Like Spitting

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There's only two ways out of here, through my window or through my door. i can say what you need to hear, but i don't think that i ought to anymore. its not unnatural to feel like you lost it all. i was kissing your eyelids when i should have been in college and it felt so wrong. and i want you to fail, i hope you figure it out. there's more than one side to things, more than one reason to get out. but i could never say no, i could never leave alone. we both to chose to live this way, seek the new ones, burn the old ones. and of course there's not much in the way of conversation. so here's a new one, burn the old one. you can leave your stereo on, as you cross the threshold into your new life. take a long step over me, as you walk out into your new life.

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