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The Atlanta Falcons

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Verse 1
We got the fever; i'm a believer
Can't help but feel it, baby, down in the dome

It's time to party; yeah, are you with me?
Let's get it started with this falcons song

Bang on the drum; let's all sing along
It's time to celebrate; you know the hunt is on

We came to get down; we came to get loud
Let's get this party going; come on let's get it rolling
Look at the scoreboard; it's what we came for
We're gonna shout about it; come on let's sing about it

We came to get down! (x2)
Hotlanta's our town!

Verse 2
Turn up the music; it's time to lose it
The georgia dome is raging out of control

Let's bring the house down; let's hear the whole crowd
Let's come together, show 'em what we're about

We pack a punch like a guitar crunch
Just like a rocket, let's get ready to launch


Come on, it's game time; get ready to go
We got a party, the dome is out of control


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