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A.tone Da Priest

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Date de parution : 11/09/2012

Durée : 0:03:35

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(verse 1)
I make the rules to the game lame, yall just follow them
Im borrowing your main dame, cause cocks she likes to swallow them
I lead i never follow son, on top because the bottoms bum
Im number one; i aint concerned what the rest are on
You so pawn, im fond of kingly, im so sick they wondering where my queen be
Believe me my dream freak still dont know her, cause im far from sleeping
And im far from easy, complex, so hard to get me
Out the ordinary, very sick, the death rate is many
Beats i bury plenty, its a dirty job
We got a hit squad, you need it done, just give the nod
Dont make me play god, though you know im suited for it
You do me wrong may let it slide, but i sure wont ignore it
Your life is so off course yet i see you trying to lead in mine
With no eyes a fool who preach can leave the whole world blind
A star with no cosign, appreciate my shine you cant see through me
Check the motto; im the model, who they shoot to be
They call me a dot, t-o-n-e da priest
You can love me or hate me but im still up on the same shit (4x)
(verse 2)
A t priesty, not only hot i keep heat
Sheep be following suit like im the herder yes they seek me
I beat freaks, out commission till they scream cant take no more
Never a bore, got her nigga wondering what she leaving for
What i got in store, stick around dont want to ruin the surprise
Feel so alive; resurrect the dead with every flow i exercise
Get your guys, actin live, before i get them ate up
Piranhas on my team, they swarm and leave you clean and laid but
Dont say nothing bout i didnt warn ya, im the clearest one
Im drama free, so stop your teeth from chattering, i aint hearing none
The bullshit, cool it, antarctica be my demeanor
Seen you chick and blessed with the swag and now she on my team bruh
Never seen a nigga do it quite like me, ignite the beat
Despite the cheap imitators i never waver, so discrete
So hit repeat, learn my name commit this shit to heart
No only did i kill it, but i sonned it from the start

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