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I feel greed, ungracious oath
Through current flows, through solitude
Your stroke my cheek, this weird voice
A mistry night where my lute cries

This distant sounds they flee from me
Conceil my dread, black nebula
I may observe the pouring rain
Perpetual wind they groan...

Irresolute they blow asleep
The curse the torch-lights scare
They bring along the hoaring chimes
Timidity sneers in your face

Extinguish the submissive light
Shining through the exit of obscurity
I light the frozen fervor with my breath
Nourishing the ancient fire
Shettered in the lonely, tepid sphere
Percipice into afflication
I'm walking through unvisible gates
Taking up the burden of ferocity
The twilight atones for cries
Warm sunbeams take refuge
I roam through the meadow
I search the execrable dawn
I ravere the fersome side
Crown of thorns adorn my soul

Words we sow and cries we reap
Cold will bloom, but will it pass...

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