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What's the point of craving attention?
When it just leads you to another dimension,
Be confident, be strong, believe in yourself!
Believe you're at the summit of any shelf.

Continue to have class & morals,
For those two principles are gone,
Be less fake & more floral,
Like the innocence of the orangy dawn.

The class style has vanished,
Like the transparent thin air,
"the good people must be banished!"
Said the insecure people with despair.

Right now, you may seem "cool,'
But that's just for a temporary time,
Everything will glide like drool,
As i continue to finish this rhyme,

Listen to me, just listen to me,
For i speak the truth,
Lies will appear, you shall see,
Everything will destruct rather than sooth,

Are you hypnotized, or convinced?
By the words that i preach,
Are you satisfied, dear prince?
You got the shore, you got the beach.

Dive in & kill yourself,
As the waves finally devour you,
What's the point of crying for help?
There's no way out, no matter what you do!

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