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(verse 1)
Even if physics can explain
The attraction between love and pain
Or maybe the answer's lost in hieroglyphs
Or somewhere in these guitar riffs
You can't have one without the other
'cause they're intertwined under a cover
Of happiness and commitment
And everytime i, everytime i forget it

It tears you up from the inside out
It leaves your heart in the lost and found
For any strangers to hold and to keep
For the cycle
For the cycle on repeat

(verse 2)
Why does it bring you up,
Just to take you down?
Like the tallest building in the smallest town
It's just as confusing as
Words of wisdom spoken (arogast?)
Decorated and promises
Of a future free of decadence
But once again, here comes the pain
I want to scream but
I want to scream but i refrain


(verse 3)
It puts you out, just to pull you in
A gracious love, yet full of sin
Contrast feelings leave you empty
Underneath the nice sky ceiling
A game which gets too cold to play
For a painless love to guide, i pray
So i sing this song today
Why lord,
Why can't i have it my way?

(chorus x2)

Even if physics can explain
The attraction between love and pain...

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