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50 Cent

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I wanna take you places and show you things
Wanna be your plumber, call me your handy man
Let me lay that, let me mold you
I'm mr. fix it, i work it like i'm supposed to
Till a sweat drip, get your neck bit
Like twighlight under the moon light all night
Let me build you, shorty you're under construction
I'm the new managment of your loving
Baby this is my house, this is my couch
All around in my room, acting like we're on drugs
This is exctasy, when you're next to me
Feel like i'm far gone, and you're in my arms
Our attraction is magnatic
I'm thinking it's pathetic to think that you can walk away from it
You gonna get it as soon as i get you close enough
This affection is more than lust
This thing we've got we built on trust
This is deeper, girl it's more to us...

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