Paroles de Au bikini

The Elderberries

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Date de parution : 16/03/2009

Durée : 0:03:2

Style : Rock

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Au bikini

On the town
With my friends
Everybody feels the same

All worked up
Feeling good
What will happen who can know

Getting out
Of my car
I can hear the music play

The night ahead
Should be insane

Chorus :
Everybody on a saturday night
Gettin' drunk and pickin a fight
The place to go when you're feeling uptight
Where the bar will be treating you right

And if you're feeling down (come on)
Or your week was rough (come on)
But if you're feeling alright (come on)
To just have a fun night (come on)

I got my friends by my side (come on)
Who wanna come for this ride (come on)
Gotta find a place to sleep ; come on


It's two o'clock
Closing time
The last round sure takes a while

Move on out
To a friends
With good times a block away

Stumble up
Forty steps
I'll be glad to make it through the night

Close my eyes
Do it again

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