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No Motiv

pochette album Audition
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Date de parution : 06/07/2004

Durée : 0:04:24

Style : Pop

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Comeback to me enter the ghost of a loved one
I still see her silhouette
I took the seasons for granted now i'm alone
Somebody save me from losing it
What's your ideal woman can you say
Leave it to me
We're going to find you a candidate
Just wait and see for the audition

Think you all can just runaway with love
My sadomasochistic
Make us fail like the other ones you've done
Now drain the pain of my sick
Though i never was ever unhappy
Your agony betrays your lies
It's cause all i ever could feel was bad

These words cut through meat and bone

Hello my love, i waited today for your call
Please be alarmed how i can behave
I've been abused, my family tree roots into hell
But i can keep you warm... with my pain

I'll be the only one you can love
You're all the same
I'll bring you into my oblivion
Deeper, deeper now you understand

These words cut through meat and bone

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