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Verse 1
Complicated confusion got us divided, no union/
I'm a survivor and proving aint no one liver than nubians/
Indian, indigenous spirited, connections is militant/
My protections intelligence, finesse is so relevant/
Since the birth of benevolence when earth was a treasure chest/
Not just a hella mess ruled by the devilish/
Rebels, lets get up and do what a chief do/
We came peaceful, but now its time to get leathal/
Equal to none, i keep u people on one 'cause i teach you/
Weed, no liquor, my vision vivid, u see thru/
5 years in prison, my freedom feeling peculiar, the jeweler/
Droppin scripture, proppin' pictures on intellectual walls/
Ready for wars, deadly with swords, violent with words/
Silence absurd when its time for the other side to get served/
Mind is inside of a lion's aura, time is a lie and you aughta/
Recognize the rise and applaud us!/
Verse 2
Path of the methodical, wrath of the anti-robotical/
Spotting you, locking you in the scope, curly hair trigger/
Getting combed, i'm getting bigger, feeling iller/
Words are convicted lectures dipped in mud and gun powder fill-ups/
Short stays in far places, aces are killers/
No wasting a 60th of a ticker, i talk with pictures/
And paint words, my thoughts are rivers of revenue/
Never do, but moves that make the blessing true/
Who is who when the giant speak/
And the concrete shake, each shape cut precise/
To form paragraphs written on tablets to withstand/
Fire and madness, i see the past as it flashes/
So i liven up the masses, higher than all classes/
You got something to say let me take off my glasses/
I feel the aura of a master/