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Date de parution : 28/08/2006

Durée : 0:04:44

Style : Rock

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Here they come, in pursuit of speed
Calling "danger, desire, greed"
Dogmatic mechanic and his loose-lipped whore
Squeezing their drinks for a little bit more
Bet your mother wouldn't like it.
Mother wouldn't like it
Just like a wet 13
Duke does 'em out cause everyone know it
Viscious satin say
Here she comes, sagging under her load
Two fancy babies like the hip-it's of god
She's gonna fight in the people's key
Move on over and give me some heat
You know your mother wouldn't like it.
Here they come, so hot their blood starts to boil
Getting hot from the rubber and oil
They come to stay for the chick and flag
Bet out revolver for an auto hag
You know your mother wouldn't like it.

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