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Brandon Rogers

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Date de parution : 26/05/2009

Durée : 0:04:07

Style : Pop

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Been jumping through hoops
Trying to make something happen
Looking for cheers
But all i hear is laughing
When im just trying to play this game
The only way that i know how
Getting stuck in the back
When you were made for the front
Is more frustrating than you would believe
But it fills my needs
Gas, food, and electricity

Now, im not complaining
Im just saying i know where i wanna be
The money and fancy cars
Dont make us who we are
No, they dont define me
I just wanna do what i do

This is automatic
I wanna take the wheel and drive
I feel it so deep i dont want the back seat anymore
This is automatic
I wanna take the wheel and drive
Im taking over pull over
Cause now its my time to shine

Yall, let me tell you life is crazy
When you be out on that road
And you aint never got nothing to show for it
Cause its always someone else
Walking off with everything
I know they work hard, but so do i
And i want my piece of the pie
And im taking it
You couldnt stop me if you tried
I just wanna live my life
For me and only me
I know it might sound like it, but

B section

Automatic (cont)


My wheels are spinning
Wont you put me on the road
Im moving forward
And ill never slow
This is my only chance
My opportunity
Wont you let be me?


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