Paroles de Autumn days

John Salib

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Verse 1:
Time goes swiftly on its way
Hoping for another day
The summer has come to pass
As autumn takes a grasp
The leaves fall and the wind blows
Tom jerry... wait there he goes
All is silent and all is bare
And everyone's living without a care

Hearts ablaze
Passions flow
In the rain
All unknown

Verse 2:
Children playing in the street
And farmers coming home beat
The river in the north flows
And lanterns in the fields glow
Spin the bottle or take the dice
If it lands on two then spin it twice
It was fun at first, but the fun's no more
Now we're done... i'll show you the door

I never wanted you to go
I just want you to know
I wanted to be your friend
But autumn always ends
And always turns to leaves/trees of green

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