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Misteur Valaire

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Date de parution : 19/04/2011

Durée : 0:03:06

Style : Electronic

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Ya know, ya see,
Supposed we was to raise the bar
Take the parts and make them raw

Take the parts and make them whole
Slip the mother fucker back to burning soul, ya see
Make'n love on the telephone
With the whole game watching
Turn around and say:
"what these crazy fools do when i turned my last back
They was looking over but the crews still down", see
I was thinking we could work it out
We could bump this shit all over town
We could right that hit girl
Flip that script girl
Get that paper people bound
Ya know
We the ones that keep on reach'n
Triple check'n
Downtown beek'n
Hold it now
Let'n old school jeans in
Put the love in fantasy'n


When the beat drops
And the peeps lock
That's when we go
You know

Candy floss, we brought
This exabition ride
Reason for the party
To have a drink outside
Take a wif off the riff, and
Get on that ride
We got these pretty young things to come and lotion the slide
For time that flies
Hips that glide
Ice that's thin and
The ass that's wide
Late night, body tight... bonafied vibration
Feeling right to the morning light
Out of sight without debation
Music got ya moving in your club position
Wind on my face
Sun on my back... i like a record button on a fresh layed track
Cool under pressure
Check the playback
Doesn't matter where i'm from
It's where i'm at
With my cat in this hat
With a dug out of bats
We got the sun shining down singing tit for tat
And that's that
That's that!!!!


When the beat drops
And the peeps lock
That's when we go

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