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Date de parution : 28/03/2008

Durée : 0:03:34

Style : Rock

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Know the cops here
They can't run down to your house
Sometimes i'll sit and wish
I were somewhere else

So let's dim the daylights for us
Sweethearts that we are
Sometimes i find myself
Still lying in your arms

All the sweethearts of the world
Are out dancing in the places
Where me and all my friends
Go to hide our faces

Avenues run one way
Streets they run the same
Something in the air here
Still keeps me away

Though the cops here
They can't take me to your house
I get directions and pretend
I was somewhere else

All the sweethearts of the world
Are out littering the bars
And i am still avenues from
Any place you are

You know avenues run one way
The streets they run the same
It's going to take a lot of shit for me
To stay away

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