Paroles de Average joe

Clay Walker

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Date de parution : 17/04/2007

Durée : 0:03:09

Style : Country

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I dont mind working
I dont mind drinking
When i need to unwind
And i like listening to a
Country song on a friday night

Im a welder in the shop downtown
The dry waller in your brand new house
Yeah im your average joe
Im the guy that fixed your van
Im the painter im your concrete man
Yeah im your average joe

Ive got brothers
And ive got sisters
Fighting hard for me and you
Yeah i got a mother and shes been praying
Theyll all be coming home real soon

Im the lightening in the pouring rain
I drive the diesel in the other lane
Yeah im your average joe
I wax the floors in the grocery store
Drop off the boxes at your front door
Yeah im your average joe

Never made a ton of money
Just enough to get us by
But the things that make me rich
Is this woman and these kids of mine

You know you run into me everywhere
You need a hand im gonna be right there
Im your average joe
I love my country and being free
Yeah therere millions of you just like me
Cuz im your average joe

Yeah im your average joe

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