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A.tone Da Priest

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(verse 1)
Another dose, time gone to space now
Drift away, my mind can create now
A distant measure for me its like forever
Were here now, dont stop never
Better to accomplish, then dream all of this nonsense
A broad sense lost for the cause this
Belief im at peace, or maybe just a maniac
Insane or not, missions in my visions say my brain intact but
Please dont let me fall
Please dont let me fall awake (2x)
(verse 2)
As i stare, may i share?
A moment in myself, confined oh so sublime
Takes a toll on my health, a hold of my mind
This logic got me blind as if my goals were all assigned
Isnt supposed, to be that way
Its easy to conceive, harder to display
No place for my head, addiction ensues
All that you have to prove, be it so uniquely you
Who cares, just
(verse 3)
Its three again, when will it end?
Am i exhausted or lost from thoughts i cant defend
Wheres the hand i need you to lend?
Im falling faster everyday down to your knees a deed to offer praise
Not awake, swear ive been sleeping this whole time
Never break, are these dreams surreal or just im?
Back here where it all started
Thats clear, vision has departed

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