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Lions Among Us

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This is the end
Of all my apathy
A life void of passion
Just a memory
These words fly
Like torches from my lips
Igniting words
Of passion through darkness

It's time to be the change
This is a wake up call
To be the hands and feet.
Now with every last breath i take i'll scream
Make every day count for something

One life one chance
That is all you get.
One life one chance.
Life is but a breath.

You gotta keep pressing forward and moving on.
They say, "it's always darkest before dawn".
You've got the will to fight.
Yeah, i see it in your eyes
There is a hope in me.
And this won't be your demise.

Speak the truth even if your voice shakes
Separated we fall
Together lives will change.

Replace your fear with curiosity
We are the ones who will stand
And leave a legacy

Woah-oh-oh-oh. x2
What are you living for
What are you dying for

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